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Make your next trip with MICE Spots Travel Service!

Your local experts in meetings, incentives, conference, transportation and excursions in the Dominican Republic.

MICE Spots Travel Service is here to plan an experience you will never forget. We take care of all the details, so you can focus directly on the fun and development of your event. 

As a DMC, we are committed to guiding you and showcasing the best spots for your forthcoming events, in the Dominican Republic.


We offer a wide range of destination management services, including:

  • Transportation. 

  • Hotel & Venue Sourcing.

  • Event & Decor Design.

  • Entertainment. 

  • Excursions & Team Buildings.

  • Gifting & Local Crafts. 


Working as an extension of your team, we are committed to proving creative solutions that define great results.

 We are a one-stop solution that offers a wide range of destination management services.

Contact us today to start the journey toward creating an extraordinary experience in Punta Cana. Let MICE Spoots Travel Service DMC be your partner in turning moments into memories.


Passion for Innovation

In the dynamic world of events, innovation is not just a buzzword; it's our driving force at MICE Spots Travel Service. We believe that truly memorable events are born from a fusion of imagination, innovation, and a keen understanding of our clients' aspirations. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends ensures that your event experience is not just current but ahead of the curve.

At MICE Spots, we understand that each event is a unique canvas, and innovation is the paintbrush that brings it to life. Our team of creative visionaries is dedicated to pushing boundaries, exploring new ideas, and challenging the conventional to create events that stand out in the crowd. We don't just follow trends; we set them, crafting bespoke experiences that captivate and inspire.

Our approach to innovation extends beyond the superficial to the very core of event planning. From immersive technology integrations and interactive elements to sustainable event practices, we continually seek out inventive solutions that elevate your event to extraordinary heights. We pride ourselves on not only meeting but exceeding expectations by introducing groundbreaking concepts that leave a lasting impact on both you and your guests.

In a world where innovation is synonymous with progress, MICE Spots Travel Service is your trusted partner in the Dominican Republic. We embrace the challenge of transforming your vision into a reality that not only meets but surpasses the evolving expectations of today's dynamic audiences. Join us on a journey where creativity knows no bounds, and every event becomes a masterpiece of innovation, setting the stage for memories that linger long after the final curtain falls.

Our Services

Your local experts in meetings, incentives, transportation and excursions in the Dominican Republic.

Event Planning

We believe in turning dreams into reality. Our dedicated event design team transforms your ideas into visually stunning realities, weaving together local flair and your unique vision. From conceptualization to execution, we specialize in creating immersive and captivating event environments that resonate with your audience.


 We are dedicated to excellence in every detail. Our meticulous planning, attention to aesthetics, and commitment to flawless execution set us apart as the go-to DMC for discerning clients seeking unparalleled event experiences.

Equipo de planificación de eventos

Hotel & Venue Sourcing

Our goal is to guide you to identify the best possible venue that meets your requirements and preferences. This can include anything from large conference centers, hotels, and offsite locations.


Our experience transportation team excels in logistical planning, VIP transfers, airport VIP services, group arrival and departure.  Our friendly staff radiates warmth and professionalism while providing a smooth, seamless transportation experience.

Activities, Tours & Excursions:

Give your attendees the gifts of local wonder, authenticity, and uniqueness of the destination.

 We are eager to show off our destination where we live, work  and love by securing innovative, fun, customized excursions and authentic, local experiences.


We can provide you an extensive selection of authentic craft, and gifts that support local artisans while showcasing the regional culture.   Our customized gifting options will add a personal touch.

Team Building & Corporate Social Responsibility:

We specialize in producing meaningful community engagements and adaptable team-building programs that bonds teams and support values. Let us create your next team building/CSM program or make your vision to come alive.


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